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Therapeutic Tarot

I know what it's like to feel stuck, hopeless, flat. I've been through long days of anxiety and dark nights of the soul. During readings, I join you as a fellow human being, entrepreneur, and mother - bringing my intuition, mindset techniques, and life experiences to help you on your path. Whether you're a business owner stuck in a comparison trap or a mother second-guessing every choice you make for your kids, I got you.

Each reading is a sacred space where I'll use the cards as a tool to help you access the answers already within you. See you soon!

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Work with Patti


Welcome to a journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment! With each card, I bring life experience and personality to sessions, the Facebook Group, and the Patreon. Tarot is not just about glimpsing the future, but about finding validation and actionable insights to navigate life's challenges.  I leave my clients feeling hopeful, empowered, and ready to embrace their highest potential.

Mind Body

I offer Zoom and in-person workshops on the topic of Mind Body work. I cover different Mind-Body techniques that can be integrated into daily living. In each session, we will practice mindful skills, explain the science behind these techniques, and openly share with each other. ​My approach utilizes principles from the Center for Mind Body Medicine.

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Patti has been featured in

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“Patti is amazing! She has been my go-to since the first time we met. Always spot on and will explain it all so it makes sense. Highly recommend her!”

Gail T.

Client since 2018

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